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Best wishes to you in 2015

It’s hard to believe 2014 is almost over. The time’s flying so fast!

The writing year has been very good to me. My first novel Blood Atonement is garnering great reviews. Even Mormon readers or those who know Mormon history are impressed with its historical accuracy. My second novel Clear and Convincing Evidence was trade published in February, also to great reviews. Now, I’m deep into the rewrite of my third mystery, another historical novel titled Tarnished Gold. It’s set in 1930s Wyoming.

SP Reflection, smallHere’s a photo that depicts my best wishes for all my readers in the coming year. Yesterday on my way home, the sky was a crisp, deep blue. The air was frigid, about -12 F (-24 C).  The sun was descending in the west.  I came upon the top of a hill. With the air being so dry, the wind stirred up snowflakes that were only visible in this rainbow–a phenomenon called a sun dog.

I wish the beauty I saw on the top of that lonely, windswept hill be your experience in 2015.


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A reader’s review of Blood Atonement!

I just got back from a restaurant after an amazing talk. There, a woman came up to me. She said she can’t stop thinking about my historical mystery, Blood Atonement. Later her husband told me that his wife rarely talks to him about a novel she’s reading. He said with Blood Atonement, she was constantly talking about it.

At the restaurant, she told everyone they just had to read it! The Miners Grubstake Restaurant (who sells my books) promptly sold out.

I’m touched and honored that a reader connected with my novel to such a deep level!  I was in tears as she described her feelings and some personal information. I’m so grateful to her and her husband for such an uplifting discussion.


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Mariah E. Wilson’s blog and her interview with me

Please say hello to Mariah E. Wilson, who blogs about writing and writers!  She’s also a published poet and a novelist. Mariah generously interviewed me about my novel Blood Atonement. Check out her blog! Here is the link to her interview with me.

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Where to purchase my books

If you’re interested buying Blood Atonement, several Wyoming stores sell it:

Rock Springs: Hastings Books

Riverton: Meadowlark Books

Books & Briar

Lander: Mr. D’s Food Center

Atlantic City:  Miner’s Delight Inn Bed & Breakfast

Dredger Station

Miner’s Grubstake Restaurant and Saloon

South Pass City State Historic Site: Smith-Sherlock General Store

 Online, it’s available through the publisher, Writers AMuse Me Publishing in various forms. Through WAMM, you can purchase e-books for Kindle, digital formats for all e-readers, and trade paperback. Of course, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and Kobo.com sell the book. You’re also welcome to email me.

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Reader reviews and where to buy Blood Atonement

In earlier posts, you read the reviews by Margaret Coel, New York Times bestseller; Pat Frolander, formerly Wyoming’s Poet Laureate; and screenwriter R. Ben Garant who graciously reviewed Blood Atonement. Other readers are happy to share their thoughts and opinions of my debut novel.

– Jo from California:  “I feel like Aveline is a real friend.”

– Kathy from Wyoming:  “I finished Blood Atonement last night, I loved it! It was one of those books that grab you from the start and you don’t want to put it down! I felt like I was walking the streets of the Winter Quarters along with Aveline!”

– Penny from Colorado: “I found the tale gripping’ and found myself thinking about the characters and their dilemmas long after I had put the book down.  Your characters are beautifully drawn, as is the Mormon setting. … Thanks for writing such a wonderful story.”

– Steve from Wyoming:  “I can feel & smell the squalor of Winter Quarters.”

– Susan from Wyoming:  “Very powerful.”

– Dennie from Wyoming:  “Engaging.”

If you’re interested buying Blood Atonement, it’s in these Wyoming stores:

Riverton: Meadowlark Books

Lander: Mr. D’s Food Center

Atlantic City: Dredger Station

South Pass City State Historic Site:  Smith-Sherlock General Store

Online, it’s available through the publisher, Writers AMuse Me Publishing in various forms. Through WAMM, you can purchase the novel in e-books for Kindle, other digital formats, and trade paperback. Of course, you can purchase the book through Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and Kobo.com.

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Released! Blood Atonement; A Pioneer Trail Mystery

Cover, low res  Today’s the day Writers AMuse Me Publishing released my debut historical novel!  So many thank yous to my publisher, most especially Mary Cote!

You can purchase the book at these places:

Writers AMuse Me Publishing, trade paperback and ebooks including Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Barnes & Noble


I’m so thrilled.  Thank you for your interest!

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Enter to win an advance copy of Blood Atonement!

Enter to win an Advance Review Copy paperback of my debut novel BLOOD ATONEMENT, A PIONEER TRAIL MYSTERY on Goodreads.

The giveaway is open until July 2 for USA, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

My novel will be released on August 22, 2013, by Writers AMuse Me Publishing. It’ll be available in epub and digital versions and paperback through WAMM’s site, Barnes & Noble, Kobobook, and Amazon.

BLOOD ATONEMENT’s back cover:  Missouri Territory, 1846: Driven by angry mobs, thousands of Latter-day Saints flee their homes in the eastern United States. They gather west of the Missouri River to wait out the winter and hope they survive hunger and disease.

A church leader unveils a shocking, divine revelation to teenage sisters Aveline and Frances Bowmore: they must marry married men. The specter of polygamy promises heaven.  Aveline and Frances feel compelled to obey. They become plural wives. The loss of each other’s support while faced with angry sister-wives and husbands they’d just met stretches their willpower to the breaking point.

Aveline’s world shatters when gentle Frances is brutally strangled. Grief-stricken, Aveline trusts the camp police chief to find the pious Mormon’s killer, but the chief stalls his investigation. She presses him and Frances’ husband for answers. Aveline’s husband orders her to cease—how dare she question men?

Time is running out to discover the truth about Frances’ murder. Spring approaches and the Saints prepare for the overland journey west to Zion. Aveline quietly defies her husband. She discovers secrets of powerful men—secrets they don’t want revealed.

Good luck and thank you!

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