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WAMM is coming, WAMM is coming!

No, it’s not Whack-A-Mole. Key folks from my publisher, Writers AMuse Me Publishing, are taking an eCation virtual tour of the U.S. to get to know their authors and playwrights and their locales.

I’ve been following the travels of Mary Cote-Walkden, DeeJay Arens, Tony Walkden, Steve Saari, Honey Boudreaux, Bambi (AmandaLyn Donogal), and Paula Blois and witnessing their enthusiasm for the sights and sounds of the author’s area.

Despite the mayhem, they are diligent in–*ahem*–paying their bail and hospital bills before piling into their sea-foam green (or pink depending on the light) Caddie before heading to the next locale.

Gripping!Yes, eDonkiesven national award-winning authors can find themselves in trouble. The buffalo almost caught DeeJay, but he outran the beast so later he could hang on with both hands as he, Mary, and Tony dangled by their asses above the Grand Canyon. That’s asses as in donkeys. Thank goodness for helicopter rescue!

Well, they’re heading my way. I’m off to bake a cake, straighten up the place, and clean the guns.



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WAMM’s on vacation…and they’re checking out America!

So what are your favorite commercials on TV? Humorous ones? Lighthearted ones? My favorites are the serious companies that produce such ads. Fun messages are memorable, and I can watch the commercials again and again.

My publisher, Writers AMuse Me Publishing, is serious about outstanding Playingwriting, yet the members explore humor and lightheartedness. Their current promotion is the coolest I’ve ever seen! The hierarchy of WAMM, including my editor Mary Cote (playing violin) is taking a virtual vacation to the locale of each author and playwright to acquaint the intelligent reading population about its authors and playwrights.

The gang


Along their trip, they find themselves is the most awkward or funny circumstances.



Well, all was fun and games until DeeJay Arens was thrown in the slammer…for speeding. Yes, Virginia, MPH is vastly different than KPH. Although I must say DeeJay does look adorable in stripes.


Burnin' love



After being bailed out, DeeJay and Steve Saari later gyrated their hunka hunka burnin’ love moves at Elvis’ Graceland.


Follow along with WAMM’s escapades on their Great WAMMerican eScape blog and on Twitter!

I find myself reading their blog and their facebook page to find out what’s their latest crazy incident or interesting locale. I fight the urge to bake a cake or scrub my place to prepare for their arrival to my region. Their creativity on this promotion matches their creativity for their national award-winning books!

On Twitter, check out #ecation, #WAMM, and #eScape. On facebook, see what they’re up to now at WAMM’s facebook page.


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WAMM’s new slogan and logo!

My award-winning publisher, Writers AMuse Me Publishing, has concluded a contest to collect and unscramble the letters for its new slogan and to unveil its logo. (I had the letter “l” in my blogroll.)

Without further ado, the new slogan and logo are:

Imagine Life Unlimited!

WAMM banner

Classy and elegant. The new slogan captures the essence of a writer’s imagination. From that place great stories emerge.

Thank you to all who entered the contest!  Check out the site and take a look at the national award-winning books!

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Celebrate WAMM’s growth

My publisher, Writers AMuse Me Publishing, is growing!

Its burgeoning list of published books included those that have won national awards. It now offers plays in its stable of literary fare. It’s opening a U.S. location.

To celebrate their success, it’s holding a contest to win a free e-book. The contest begins tomorrow (June 25, ’14). To win, visit the website or blog of WAMM’s authors and collect a letter posted there. (Hint: links to all authors are in the blogroll to your right). After you’ve collected all the letters, descramble them to discover WAMM’s new slogan.

If you’re one of the first one hundred to submit your answer no later than June 30, ’14, you’re eligible to win a free book! All correct entries will then be placed in a draw, and the winner will win three books in any format.

For the contest particulars, visit WAMM’s site and see for yourself what’s happening!

Good luck!

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A reader’s review of Blood Atonement!

I just got back from a restaurant after an amazing talk. There, a woman came up to me. She said she can’t stop thinking about my historical mystery, Blood Atonement. Later her husband told me that his wife rarely talks to him about a novel she’s reading. He said with Blood Atonement, she was constantly talking about it.

At the restaurant, she told everyone they just had to read it! The Miners Grubstake Restaurant (who sells my books) promptly sold out.

I’m touched and honored that a reader connected with my novel to such a deep level!  I was in tears as she described her feelings and some personal information. I’m so grateful to her and her husband for such an uplifting discussion.


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Released! Clear and Convincing Evidence

Today is an exciting day.  Writers AMuse Me Publishing released my second mystery! Today was release day for two other books: Emma Clear and Convincing EvidenceEden Ramos’ Young Adult Literary story Still, At Your Door, and Tom Bryde’s mystery Changing Partners; The Gallagher Files.

What my mystery is about: Bones have been discovered in the art studio kiln at Wyoming’s Colter State College. Campus police dismiss the discovery as a prank but Lariat reporter Jennifer Roby isn’t convinced. Haunted by memories of her mother, guided by the experienced voices of her father and grandfather, and hampered by just about everyone on campus, she continues to look into the tasteless joke for the college newspaper. Disappearing students and freak accidents add to her determination to prove that there is more to the story – then the local coroner confirms Jenn’s suspicions about the bones. An impending visit from the President of the United States makes it that much more difficult to get the answers she needs. She must find someone who will believe her as she puts the pieces together, she needs to work quickly before the paper is shut down in an effort to silence her, and she has to make sure she doesn’t become the next victim in the conspiracy and cover-up. How high up on the college administrative ladder will Jenn have to look in order to expose a killer?

The trade paperback is $12.99, and the ebook is $6.99. You can purchase the book at WAMM, or we can make arrangements for me to send it to you, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

The remaining decision is do I celebrate with a dram of Bowmore 18 year old, or Glenmorangie Extremely Rare 18 year old, or with the big smoke of Lagavulin 12?  Hmm, perhaps I’ll have to sample all three to help me decide!

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The book blurbs for Clear and Convincing Evidence

Welcome to these three talented writers to my blog and a hearty thank you for reading Clear and Convincing Evidence and writing a blurb!  CACE will be released on February 22. These published authors have their own books available for purchase.

YellowstoneIn these pages, you will meet gutsy Wyoming people you will admire and enjoy spending time with. But watch out! You will also encounter some despicable folks you can’t turn your back on. Nor will you want to. The murder on the mythical campus engrosses the reader from the opening page until the end as timeless themes of greed and power compete with integrity and honor.  I only hope that this will not be the last Jennifer Roby mystery we see from the author.
– Marjane Ambler, Yellowstone Has Teeth, a memoir about living year round in the world’s first national park

TravelThe only thing more fun than a Western cozy mystery is one set on a college campus, a small world where anything can happen. In Clear and Convincing Evidence, Barbara Townsend sends her savvy young heroine to solve a campus murder then ensnares the campus art community, campus police, and even the top administration. All this, with only the First Amendment, her dad and grandpa, and the spirit of Walter Cronkite to light her way.
– Julianne Couch, Traveling the Power Line

SPCClear and Convincing Evidence by Barbara Townsend is a compelling and suspenseful read. It is a must for anyone interested in the integrity of information that is furnished to the public and the journalists that struggle to provide the truth.
– Susan Layman, South Pass City and the Sweetwater Mines

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