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Time’s flying! Is it 2016 … already?

I feel like it should 2012. Much has happened in the past year. My novel Clear and Convincing Evidence has a new path: it’s again available through Amazon (Kindle version) and Smashwords (in varying e-book formats). You may recall CACE was previously trade published. It’ll be available soon in paperback from Amazon and a few other e-book distributors. I look forward to seeing you “around campus.” CACE, small, King

If you’re curious about Blood Atonement, it’s being reviewed by an editor of a publishing house. We’ll see what happens!


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WAMM’s new slogan and logo!

My award-winning publisher, Writers AMuse Me Publishing, has concluded a contest to collect and unscramble the letters for its new slogan and to unveil its logo. (I had the letter “l” in my blogroll.)

Without further ado, the new slogan and logo are:

Imagine Life Unlimited!

WAMM banner

Classy and elegant. The new slogan captures the essence of a writer’s imagination. From that place great stories emerge.

Thank you to all who entered the contest!  Check out the site and take a look at the national award-winning books!

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A reader’s review of Blood Atonement!

I just got back from a restaurant after an amazing talk. There, a woman came up to me. She said she can’t stop thinking about my historical mystery, Blood Atonement. Later her husband told me that his wife rarely talks to him about a novel she’s reading. He said with Blood Atonement, she was constantly talking about it.

At the restaurant, she told everyone they just had to read it! The Miners Grubstake Restaurant (who sells my books) promptly sold out.

I’m touched and honored that a reader connected with my novel to such a deep level!  I was in tears as she described her feelings and some personal information. I’m so grateful to her and her husband for such an uplifting discussion.


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Released! Clear and Convincing Evidence

Today is an exciting day.  Writers AMuse Me Publishing released my second mystery! Today was release day for two other books: Emma Clear and Convincing EvidenceEden Ramos’ Young Adult Literary story Still, At Your Door, and Tom Bryde’s mystery Changing Partners; The Gallagher Files.

What my mystery is about: Bones have been discovered in the art studio kiln at Wyoming’s Colter State College. Campus police dismiss the discovery as a prank but Lariat reporter Jennifer Roby isn’t convinced. Haunted by memories of her mother, guided by the experienced voices of her father and grandfather, and hampered by just about everyone on campus, she continues to look into the tasteless joke for the college newspaper. Disappearing students and freak accidents add to her determination to prove that there is more to the story – then the local coroner confirms Jenn’s suspicions about the bones. An impending visit from the President of the United States makes it that much more difficult to get the answers she needs. She must find someone who will believe her as she puts the pieces together, she needs to work quickly before the paper is shut down in an effort to silence her, and she has to make sure she doesn’t become the next victim in the conspiracy and cover-up. How high up on the college administrative ladder will Jenn have to look in order to expose a killer?

The trade paperback is $12.99, and the ebook is $6.99. You can purchase the book at WAMM, or we can make arrangements for me to send it to you, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

The remaining decision is do I celebrate with a dram of Bowmore 18 year old, or Glenmorangie Extremely Rare 18 year old, or with the big smoke of Lagavulin 12?  Hmm, perhaps I’ll have to sample all three to help me decide!

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Where to purchase my books

If you’re interested buying Blood Atonement, several Wyoming stores sell it:

Rock Springs: Hastings Books

Riverton: Meadowlark Books

Books & Briar

Lander: Mr. D’s Food Center

Atlantic City:  Miner’s Delight Inn Bed & Breakfast

Dredger Station

Miner’s Grubstake Restaurant and Saloon

South Pass City State Historic Site: Smith-Sherlock General Store

 Online, it’s available through the publisher, Writers AMuse Me Publishing in various forms. Through WAMM, you can purchase e-books for Kindle, digital formats for all e-readers, and trade paperback. Of course, Barnes & Noble,, and sell the book. You’re also welcome to email me.

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Clear and Convincing Evidence, editing phase!

The recommended edits from Editor Mary and Writers AMuse Me Publishing have arrived.  CACE is a contemporary murder mystery set for publication in 2014.

CACE is the first novel in the Jennifer Roby series.  Jennifer’s a Wyoming college sophomore studying journalism.  After writing a story for the student newspaper about a prank in the Art Department’s ceramics studio, she becomes obsessed in proving that the skeleton found in the kiln wasn’t a prank after all.

She hopes she lives long enough to prove it.


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R. Ben Garant’s review of Blood Atonement

I had the pleasure to meet R. Ben Garant and his bride on their honeymoon.  They are such wonderful, thoughtful folks.  Ben is known for his screenplays for the Night at the Museum movies and an eye-popping host of other movies and television shows that he wrote, directed, produced, or starred in.

Ben kindly read and reviewed my novel.  Here’s his thoughts on Blood Atonement:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Atonement, the new historical thriller written by Barbara Townsend.

     After reading and loving Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer ten years ago, and seeing a great documentary about Mountain Meadows, I became interested in the darker details of Mormon pioneer history. Barbara Townsend’s book touches on that history — it conveys a real sense of historic detail and accuracy, yet at the same time it manages to be a real page-turner.

     This book is a great window into a fascinating chapter in the American Pioneer experience — and is a satisfying crime novel to boot. If you know anything about the Mormon’s migration west — or if you know nothing about it at all, you will enjoy this book.

Robert Ben Garant, Screenwriter

To Ben, thank you.  I so appreciate your words and you taking your time and energy for me.  I wish you all happiness, and I look forward to seeing your next works!

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