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Best wishes to you in 2015

It’s hard to believe 2014 is almost over. The time’s flying so fast!

The writing year has been very good to me. My first novel Blood Atonement is garnering great reviews. Even Mormon readers or those who know Mormon history are impressed with its historical accuracy. My second novel Clear and Convincing Evidence was trade published in February, also to great reviews. Now, I’m deep into the rewrite of my third mystery, another historical novel titled Tarnished Gold. It’s set in 1930s Wyoming.

SP Reflection, smallHere’s a photo that depicts my best wishes for all my readers in the coming year. Yesterday on my way home, the sky was a crisp, deep blue. The air was frigid, about -12 F (-24 C).  The sun was descending in the west.  I came upon the top of a hill. With the air being so dry, the wind stirred up snowflakes that were only visible in this rainbow–a phenomenon called a sun dog.

I wish the beauty I saw on the top of that lonely, windswept hill be your experience in 2015.

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Starting Novel #3!

For the past few days, I’ve reviewed all my notes for a third novel and have started sketching a very rough outline.  This Work in Progress is a sequel to my second novel, Clear and Convincing Evidence; A Jennifer Roby Mystery.  The working title for Jennifer’s latest adventure is Tarnished Gold.

Writers AMuse Me Publishing will release CACE in 2014.

I love–LOVE–this part of mystery writing: spinning ideas, which areas need more research, how all the red herrings and clues contradict or blend together, and who dies and how (ah, the power!).  This segment of mystery suits my brain and how to make all the pieces fit and flow into a great story.

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