Tarnished Gold is available!

My third novel, Tarnished Gold, is released.

Tarnished Gold is a historical romance-mystery: Placer City, Wyoming, 1933 – Em Olson struggles to operate her beloved family hotel in a busted mining town after her father’s abandonment and her mother’s death. A new lodger, a handsome geologist searching for gold, brightens her lonely life. Her troubles resurge when he makes discoveries of murder and swindles embroiling the family hotel and her father’s gold mine. Stressed to the breaking point, she must examine her past to find her father’s killer and decide her future while the man she has grown to love prepares to depart on his next assignment.

It’s available in paperback ($9.99) and various e-book formats ($5.99) through Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. If you’d like an epub or a personal and signed paperback from me, please contact me and we can make arrangements to get you a copy.

My others books, Blood Atonement and Clear and Convincing Evidence, are also available at those online agencies.


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