WAMM is coming, WAMM is coming!

No, it’s not Whack-A-Mole. Key folks from my publisher, Writers AMuse Me Publishing, are taking an eCation virtual tour of the U.S. to get to know their authors and playwrights and their locales.

I’ve been following the travels of Mary Cote-Walkden, DeeJay Arens, Tony Walkden, Steve Saari, Honey Boudreaux, Bambi (AmandaLyn Donogal), and Paula Blois and witnessing their enthusiasm for the sights and sounds of the author’s area.

Despite the mayhem, they are diligent in–*ahem*–paying their bail and hospital bills before piling into their sea-foam green (or pink depending on the light) Caddie before heading to the next locale.

Gripping!Yes, eDonkiesven national award-winning authors can find themselves in trouble. The buffalo almost caught DeeJay, but he outran the beast so later he could hang on with both hands as he, Mary, and Tony dangled by their asses above the Grand Canyon. That’s asses as in donkeys. Thank goodness for helicopter rescue!

Well, they’re heading my way. I’m off to bake a cake, straighten up the place, and clean the guns.



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