Celebrate WAMM’s growth

My publisher, Writers AMuse Me Publishing, is growing!

Its burgeoning list of published books included those that have won national awards. It now offers plays in its stable of literary fare. It’s opening a U.S. location.

To celebrate their success, it’s holding a contest to win a free e-book. The contest begins tomorrow (June 25, ’14). To win, visit the website or blog of WAMM’s authors and collect a letter posted there. (Hint: links to all authors are in the blogroll to your right). After you’ve collected all the letters, descramble them to discover WAMM’s new slogan.

If you’re one of the first one hundred to submit your answer no later than June 30, ’14, you’re eligible to win a free book! All correct entries will then be placed in a draw, and the winner will win three books in any format.

For the contest particulars, visit WAMM’s site and see for yourself what’s happening!

Good luck!


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