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The Book Breeze

The Book Breeze, a monthly publication about books, published two notices about the February 22 release of my novel Clear and Convincing Evidence.  

I love The Book Breeze!  This free publication not only announces new releases, but also posts book reviews, contests, and author interviews. I concentrate on these issues more than I studied my college textbooks (and I studied those diligently).  My “to read” list grows dramatically with every issue.

Available in independent book stores and online, I always snag a printed copy every time I’m in an independent book store.  Thank you to The Book Breeze!


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Cover for Clear and Convincing Evidence!

ImageHere is the official cover of my upcoming second novel, Clear and Convincing Evidence!  This novel is a contemporary mystery, set on the campus of Colter State College.

The back cover blurb: Bones have been discovered in the art studio kiln at Wyoming’s Colter State College. Campus police dismiss the discovery as a prank but Lariat reporter Jennifer Roby isn’t convinced. Haunted by memories of her mother, guided by the experienced voices of her father and grandfather, and hampered by just about everyone on campus, she continues to look into the tasteless joke for the college newspaper.

 Disappearing students and freak accidents add to her determination to prove that there is more to the story – then the local coroner confirms Jenn’s suspicions about the bones. An impending visit from the President of the United States makes it that much more difficult to get the answers she needs.

 She must find someone who will believe her as she puts the pieces together, she needs to work quickly before the paper is shut down in an effort to silence her, and she has to make sure she doesn’t become the next victim in the conspiracy and cover-up. How high up on the college administrative ladder will Jenn have to look in order to expose a killer?

The release date for CACE is February 22, 2014, from my publisher Writers AMuse Me Publishing. It’ll be available in trade paperback and all ebooks.

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