Reader reviews and where to buy Blood Atonement

In earlier posts, you read the reviews by Margaret Coel, New York Times bestseller; Pat Frolander, formerly Wyoming’s Poet Laureate; and screenwriter R. Ben Garant who graciously reviewed Blood Atonement. Other readers are happy to share their thoughts and opinions of my debut novel.

– Jo from California:  “I feel like Aveline is a real friend.”

– Kathy from Wyoming:  “I finished Blood Atonement last night, I loved it! It was one of those books that grab you from the start and you don’t want to put it down! I felt like I was walking the streets of the Winter Quarters along with Aveline!”

– Penny from Colorado: “I found the tale gripping’ and found myself thinking about the characters and their dilemmas long after I had put the book down.  Your characters are beautifully drawn, as is the Mormon setting. … Thanks for writing such a wonderful story.”

– Steve from Wyoming:  “I can feel & smell the squalor of Winter Quarters.”

– Susan from Wyoming:  “Very powerful.”

– Dennie from Wyoming:  “Engaging.”

If you’re interested buying Blood Atonement, it’s in these Wyoming stores:

Riverton: Meadowlark Books

Lander: Mr. D’s Food Center

Atlantic City: Dredger Station

South Pass City State Historic Site:  Smith-Sherlock General Store

Online, it’s available through the publisher, Writers AMuse Me Publishing in various forms. Through WAMM, you can purchase the novel in e-books for Kindle, other digital formats, and trade paperback. Of course, you can purchase the book through Barnes & Noble,, and


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