Clear and Convincing Evidence, editing phase!

The recommended edits from Editor Mary and Writers AMuse Me Publishing have arrived.  CACE is a contemporary murder mystery set for publication in 2014.

CACE is the first novel in the Jennifer Roby series.  Jennifer’s a Wyoming college sophomore studying journalism.  After writing a story for the student newspaper about a prank in the Art Department’s ceramics studio, she becomes obsessed in proving that the skeleton found in the kiln wasn’t a prank after all.

She hopes she lives long enough to prove it.



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2 responses to “Clear and Convincing Evidence, editing phase!

  1. That’s exciting news for you. Congrats. My historical is with my editor for copy editing. Feeling fidgety. 🙂 (I linked over here from the blog update post in AW.)

  2. Anne Skalitza

    Best of luck to you with your upcoming book! It sounds intriguing. 🙂
    (stormie from AW)

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