R. Ben Garant’s review of Blood Atonement

I had the pleasure to meet R. Ben Garant and his bride on their honeymoon.  They are such wonderful, thoughtful folks.  Ben is known for his screenplays for the Night at the Museum movies and an eye-popping host of other movies and television shows that he wrote, directed, produced, or starred in.

Ben kindly read and reviewed my novel.  Here’s his thoughts on Blood Atonement:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Atonement, the new historical thriller written by Barbara Townsend.

     After reading and loving Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer ten years ago, and seeing a great documentary about Mountain Meadows, I became interested in the darker details of Mormon pioneer history. Barbara Townsend’s book touches on that history — it conveys a real sense of historic detail and accuracy, yet at the same time it manages to be a real page-turner.

     This book is a great window into a fascinating chapter in the American Pioneer experience — and is a satisfying crime novel to boot. If you know anything about the Mormon’s migration west — or if you know nothing about it at all, you will enjoy this book.

Robert Ben Garant, Screenwriter

To Ben, thank you.  I so appreciate your words and you taking your time and energy for me.  I wish you all happiness, and I look forward to seeing your next works!


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