Margaret Coel and Pat Frolander’s reviews of Blood Atonement

Three weeks remain before the release of my novel Blood Atonement!   Nerves are starting to twinge in anticipation. Self-doubt raises its ugly head.  Would readers really appreciate my story?

Advance reviews are rolling in.  Two in particular are from notable women writers whose words and character I strongly admire.

Wyoming rancher and recent Wyoming Writers, Inc. president Patricia Frolander held the position of Wyoming’s Poet Laureate until about a month ago. If you’re ever been around Pat, you’d feel as if her kindness, gentle spirit, and captivating sweet nature are the shield protecting you from all the world’s monsters. Through her book and the title poem, She Married Into It, I finally understood the power of poetry.

Of my own story, Pat wrote:  Enter a world where women share a husband—only a curtain separates intimate moments as jealously, pain, and despair build each day in their male dominated world. Discover a tenderness between sisters rent apart as evil individuals twist a religious course to fit their malicious intentions. Don’t miss this absorbing mystery of a pioneer journey of Latter day Saints, its blessings and curses in the infancy of its church.

New York Times bestselling author and sought-after writing conference faculty member, Margaret Coel has an enviable writing career. Her Wind River Mystery series center on a nearby locale and is a constant favorite of mine. Her latest novel, Killing Custer, is due for release on September 3rd. I’ve been fortunate to have been in her audience during book signings and in several writing conference seminars. Her insight and intellectual talks make me dream of reaching her stature.

Of Blood Atonement, Margaret wrote: A powerful and haunting novel. Barbara Townsend has an uncanny ability to evoke the lives of Mormon women in 1846 shortly after the proclamation of plural marriage. We root for the women as they struggle for their rights in a world turned upside down. Read Blood Atonement for the history, the compassion and the understanding that Townsend brings to her characters, and for the spellbinding story. Just read it!

To Pat and Margaret: Thank you for bestowing upon me the gift of your time, your energy, and your words.


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