Wyoming Writers’ conference

The annual Wyoming Writers, Inc. conference is over for this year.  I am so fortunate to live in a state as Wyoming with so many magnificent folks.  Our president, Pat Frolander, is Wyoming’s Poet Laureate.  (At this moment, she may be the Poet Laureate Emeritus).

Pat’s a rare gem in anyone’s life.  She exudes sweetness, kindness, and generosity, and being in her presence is a gift.  Her poem “She Married Into It” is a seemingly simple memoir-type poem to that goes as deep as any anthem.

Our group draws faculty who include renowned authors, poets, and literary agents.  In one very simple exercise, Margaret Coel (New York Times bestselling author of the Wind River Mysteries) gave me a twist of an idea for Novel Number Three.  The other writers I have the privilege to rub elbows with inspire each other, root for each others’ successes, and broaden horizons.

For anyone who’s interested in polishing their writing craft, being in the company of stellar writers, wishing to mentor young folks, feeling inspired, then by all means join a writers group!  If your interest is simply belonging to a group of people who are educated, interested and interesting, supportive, join a writers group!

If you want to know more about this spectacular group of folks, see WWI’s website or read our Twitters at @WyoWriters.

I’m inspired and refreshed, as I always am during and after our conference.  After the conference, I had dashed off to a local library for a bit of research.  It was closed.  Since I had been dropped off at the library by a friend, I ended up walking back to the conference center.  A few days ago during the Friday night’s portion of Open Mic readings, I had an epiphany for a poem.  During the mile-walk back to the hotel, I wrote the poem.


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