Book Trailers at Writers AMuse Me Publishing

WAMM has book trailers for its released books, and will issue new trailers as new books near their release dates.  The trailers spin a tale about each book, and each book varies in genre.

To view the video, click on the title. To purchase or read more about the book, click on the author’s name. I’ll add new trailers as they are developed.

BatGcover – Billy and the Gargoyles by Heather Gregson

show-me-the-way –  Show Me The Way by Shakey Smith

peachesprintcover – They Ate Peaches by David Smith

Never_Again_ForeverNever Again, Forever by Mary Cote

FinalfinalTrainCarThe View From A Rusty Train Car by DeeJay Arens, a ForeWord Reviews 2012 Adult Fiction category finalist!

blakeAyne by Mary Cote

QUICKFinal  – Quick Fixes by Shakey Smith

Green Gold  – Green Gold; A Cabochon Incorporated Adventure, Book 2 by Mary Cote

Cabochon  – Cabochon; A Cabochon Incorporated Adventure, Book 1 by Mary Cote

final-red-teddy-and-the-sky_border  – Six Hearts: Seven Stories by Shakey Smith

vicheadstonesfront  – Victoria Seacress…Headstones by Tom Bryde

saskprintcover   – Saskatchewan by David Smith

Foolme   – Fool Me Once by Honey Boudreaux

vic1front   –  Victoria Seacress… A Mystery by Tom Bryde

finalchuck   – The Red of Flowing Blood I See by Mary Cote

madcop1   – Mad Cop’s Diary by David Smith

Bambie 2    – Dashiel Waitflaker: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Opera by AmandaLyn Donogal

Fruit Salad and Wings    – Fruit Salad and Wings by Shakey Smith

redemption  – Redemption by Mary Cote

Dashiel Waitflaker Deer Hunter   – Dashiel Waitflaker: Deer Hunter by AmandaLyn Donogal

Puppets Shows  – Puppet Shows by Michael Frissore

Image  – Torture in the Garden of Eden by David Smith

Trip230dpi  Trip Anderson, USMC; The Road Less Traveled by Mary Cote. Release May 27!  

a-dog-of-war  – A Dog of War by Heather Gregson

boots-an-unvarnished-memoir-of-vietnam  – BOOTS: An Unvarnished Memoir of Vietnam by Stephen Park

with-a-dying-breath  – With a Dying Breath by Tony Walkden

Thank you for reviewing the trailers!


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