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Novel Number Two under contract!

I no longer have a novel being published by Writers AMuse Me Publishing. I have two!

WAMM accepted my second novel, Clear and Convincing Evidence, for publication!  CACE is a contemporary murder mystery.

Here’s a taste: Jennifer Roby, a student newspaper reporter at Wyoming’s Colter College, covers the report of a charred skeleton found in a ceramics studio kiln. Jenn discovers the bones are real and unravels the crime as proof of a cover-up climbs higher in the college hierarchy. Jenn races to publish the exposé before administrators shut down the newspaper or make good on threats to her safety.

We don’t yet have a publication date or cover. That’ll come soon!


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Release Date for Blood Atonement!

Writers AMuse Me Publishing has set the release date of my novel, Blood Atonement:  August 22, 2013!

And I’m thrilled for the two other authors who will also have their books released that day: Heather Gregson’s Billy and the Gargoyles, and Steve Saari’s This Long Trip to Myself.

There’s nothing like a quick jolt of exciting news to jump-start one’s day!

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Single malt Scotch whisky

I adore single malt Scotch whisky. The spirit’s vast range of aromas, flavors, and finishes fascinate me. Even standard expressions some distilleries bottle year after year, for example, a ten-year-old, are never the same. Factors such as weather, that barrel’s wood, and the cask’s location in the warehouse produce a different whisky from its predecessor. Scotch is always new, always changing.

My favorite part of Scotch has nothing to do with the alcohol, liquor, a buzz, or getting drunk. This divine spirit brings out conversation. Because this spirit is sipped–not slammed like cheap booze, its effect on folks is a joy to watch.

Some newcomers to Scotch, self-conscious of appearing ignorant beside those who know more, sip. As warmth spreads through their body and relaxation takes hold, they notice their neighbor. They compare notes. “I don’t like the peat smoke,” one says. The neighbor extends their snifter: “Try this one. It’s lightly peated,” or “Here, it’s not peated at all, and it’s finished in a port cask.” They swap glasses.

Before long, they’re discussing the latest books or solving the world’s problems like old friends. The world vanishes. The only things that matter are a dram of a beautiful whisky and the soul of another person.

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